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About Us

ConActos allows you to access basic information easily. Funded in 2020, this platform streamlines the way businesses search and engage with vendors. ConActos is a social-based network, self-registered, which will provide online updated data, easy and efficient connection with your vendors. Eliminate manual AP work. No more calls to your CFO. No more filling vendor forms, no more not knowing who to contact and when. With ConActos any business can define its main billing contact, ways of communications, chat online, and more. You won’t remember what were you doing before.

Our vision is to bring new standards to the market and enhance the way businesses connect. No more filling out vendor forms, no more worries about updating your customers about a new bank account, no more worrying about missing invoices, no more searching the contract and payment terms.

Our mission is to enable visibility to data, to create easy and efficient communication and distribution, and to gather all the information and create engagement processes in one place. Our added value is to create an easy, stable, communication channel that will last forever with online updates, online chats, and documentation at a cheap cost. Everything is in place. All the data the business needs.

ConActos will allow any business to register by EIN/Tax Id, which will be due diligence before approval and connect with any other business on the app.

Membership Plans

Our Amazing FREE package requires a one-time background check of $59/$79, but besides that, you can easily build your network and connect with your vendors. If you want to use our services unlimited, check out the basic. Choose the right product whether you are:

  • Individuals that’s running a business and does everything- select our individual plan
  • If you are an SME that wants some control - select our SME plan that separates the AP and Approver roles.
  • If you are an ENT company that has a large AP team select our ENT plan.

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Plan Individuals SME ENT
Users Role One USER- AP AND Maintainer+ Approver Two users: AP and Approver+ Maintainer Three users: AP , Approve and Maintainer
Price per month/ year $2.99/ $19.99 $7.99/ $59.99 $12.99/ $99.99
Background check- on time fee $59 $79 $79
FREE Plan Basic Plan
Send & Receive connection requests Unlimited Unlimited
Messages Up to 20 a month Unlimited
Download files Up to 20 a month Unlimited
Update Profile Once Unlimited


One Super user;AP, Approver and Maintainer.
One time fee for background check - $59

$2.99/ monthly
$19.99/ yearly
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3 users; AP user, Approver and Maintainer.
One time fee for background check- $79

$12.99/ monthly
$99.99/ yearly
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